Ballyshaner’s Festival in Alexandria, VA, 26 Aug 2017

Good morning Brothers.  My apologies for the delay in publishing the results of our efforts on Saturday but more importantly, my delay in offering a tremendous THANK YOU to my 15 Brothers (and many with their spouses) in making this event a tremendous success!

First off, my thanks to all listed below.  Brother Cole had the foresight in keeping a list of those who came and assisted in our effort.  Our “post game assessment” strongly suggests that we COLLECTIVELY have a true handle with the “gift of gab” and that this asset/virtue/gift results in great chemistry among us and with the results of the day.
As for results……..388 tickets sold, approximately $3,250 raised towards our 1/2 way to St. Patrick Raffle initiative!  Let’s just say that Saturday was a ‘perfect storm” for our Division – great manpower support, terrific weather, 1st class booth, and the fact that we were the only Division selling the opportunity for a trip to Ireland.  The best aspect was the chemistry among US during the 8 hr event – there were always several Brothers and spouses “in full gear” out selling and engaging the crowds while others “refueled” for the moment to get back into the selling fray!  If we can have the same type of support and fraternalism in the upcoming months with our ticket sales at the various parishes, we will be extremely successful with this year’s charitable initiative.
Thank you Brothers!
Jay McCarthy
Col. Thomas J. Cunningham Jr. Division President
AOH VA State Secretary
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Assuming you will send a note to the division regarding the result of yesterday’s support to the Ballyshaner’s Festival, below are the names that I recorded if you want to acknowledge their support by name.

Bob & Mrs. Connors
Bob & Mrs. Fay
Jay & Mrs. McCarthy
David Lawlor
Tim Melia
Tim Knislow
Cole Slattery
Rick & Mrs. Parker
Dave & Mrs. Crew
Matt Price
Dennis Corrigan
Dan Whalen
Jim Morris
Dan Sheeahan
Bill & Mrs. Cahaillane
Bob Carmack

Slainte, Cole

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