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        1. roberteconnors Post author

          Good morning gentlemen. I had the privilege of meeting Guy and Judy Sapienza this morning and to present to them our official letter that they are the 2016 winners of our recent raffle. They are active members of St. Joseph Parish and have never been to Ireland – they definitely plan on going in 2017! Guy is retired military/intelligence community – Thank you for your service Guy – and is the youngest of 9 children, mother’s maiden name is Kennedy! He is from upstate New York.

          As for the raffle, unofficially we sold slightly less than the 3,000 tickets available, amounting to $18,300, which I believe is our all time record to date! Given some of the circumstances we encountered this year regarding sales efforts (heat, lower 3rd party sales, and lightly attended events in Triangle and at St. Francis Church), we did exceptionally well! Having the ability to accept charges/direct payments to our Hibernian Account was definitely a plus this year……….

          Finally, I wish to thank all of you who had a hand in making this raffle a success this year. Proceeds are used to provide financial assistance to primary grade parochial school children, veterans, seminarians, Priests to name a few charitable initiatives. We will be doing it again next year…………

          Please plan to join us next week for our monthly meeting – 11/9 @ 7:30 pm @ Belmont Greene – to properly celebrate our success!


          Jay McCarthy

          Colonel Thomas J. Cunningham Jr. Division President

          AOH VA State Secretary

  1. Brian Perkinson

    Bought 4 tickets for the 2017 Trip to Ireland. They stated the drawing would take place in October 2017. Who won??”

    Brian Perkinson

    1. roberteconnors Post author


      Natassia Grover from St. Theresa Parish!


      Hello Brian,

      I’m not sure who won, but the ticket was drawn at O’Failons on the 26th. I was unable to attend. I will check with Jay McCarthy to find out who won, and publish it here. Thanks. Bob Connors 5714202363.


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