Officer Meeting Minutes

31 Aug 2017

Good morning Brothers.  While I was doing my morning “meditation” in the hot tub this morning with my coffee in hand, it hit me that for the past 6-7 mornings all I have been listening to has been about the devastation and the hardships being dealt with by our friends and family in the Texas region due to Hurricane Harvey.  I hazard a guess that for most of you that you are “one degree of separation” from someone, some family, some event located in that area.  In my case my “Irish Twin” and his wife are currently safe but none the less affected for the next several months; my cousin’s 23 year old bed ridden son is currently awaiting transport to an appropriate facility that can deal with his “ICU’ like condition/equipment.

As your Division President, I ask each of you first of all to pray for those affected by this tragedy.  We all know of the power of prayer. – it has helped all of us in someway whether we knew it or not!  Secondly, we as a Division need to assist in some way – this is where I need your help and guidance.  Our funds are not large but we have the ability to provide some assistance – possibly to support a family member in need or to support an organization – possibly a local AOH Division – who is front and center to the situation.  I’m soliciting your thoughts and ideas.  
We will be having an Officer’s meeting next Wednesday to entertain discussion.  Please forward your thoughts/ideas to me beforehand.  We will move on some approved actions as part of our Business meeting on Wednesday,  9/13 at the Belmont Greene facility.
Count your blessings Brothers!
Jay McCarthy
Col. Thomas J. Cunningham Jr. Division President
AOH Va State Secretary
703 477-5934