State Meetings and Annual Conventions

The AOH Convention will be held at Virginia Beach, VA Conference Center, 22 to 24 September 2017

AOH Loudoun is looking to send 2-3 members as delegates.

Please contact Jay McCarthy if you would like to volunteer.

Convention Info 2017

2017 AOH Virginia State Convention Registration Form (note that July dates cited herein are incorrect)

Good morning Brothers.  Please find enclosed a copy of the itinerary for this year’s State Convention in Virginia Beach.  All Brothers and their spouses/friends are invited (and encouraged) to attend.  The hotel rate is $109 (good for the week before and a day after the convention I’m told).  Not a bad rate considering the location and time of year………

As you may know, this year YOUR Division will have 2 Brothers on the ballot for State office for the upcoming 2 years; Brother Bob Fay for State Treasurer and yours truly for State VP.  This may be the 1st time in the State’s history for this to occur. Bob will be an excellent State Officer in the upcoming years I’m sure……….  Speaking for Bob, we would be honored and privileged if some of our Division membership could be on hand during the election and installation of Officers on that Saturday. We will need probably 2-3 delegates for the vote (not including Bob and myself) – any/all interested in this important task PLEASE contact me at your earliest convenience.  The Division will subsidize a portion of the out of pocket costs involved with your participation.

Also, is anyone interested in playing golf on Friday morning.  Great rate and a great course…..let me know!

Have a great day Brothers………..hope to see a lot of you at our Golf outing next Friday (at least bring your family by for the BBQ and fraternity)!!!!!


Jay McCarthy

Division President

AOH State Secretary

703 477-5934




                The next meeting of the State Board, Ancient Order of Hibernians in America will be hosted by the Msgr. Charles A. Kelly, Jr. Division on June 10, 2017, at St. Joseph’s parish in Richmond, Virginia.  Directions and details will follow.
                PLEASE READ – THIS IS IMPORTANT – Should sufficient candidates be available, the Brian Boru Major Degree Team will be available to exemplify the Major Degrees of the Order following the State Board meeting.  I want to emphasize the importance of the Major Degrees of the Order.  In early January, Vice President Bill Halpin reported that there were approximately 400 Virginia Hibernians who have not attained the Major Degrees of the Order.  Twenty-six Brothers received the Major Degrees in Ashburn in late January.  That leaves a truly unacceptable shortfall.  Considering that the Brian Boru Major Degree Team has, by specific planning on the part of Past President Denault and myself, exemplified the Major Degrees in every corner of this state in the past two years, the number of members who have failed to live up to the promise they made upon entering our Order to take the Major Degrees of the Order is simply deplorable.  Division Presidents should be setting a yearly goal to increase the percentage of members of their Division who have attained the Major Degrees of the order.    It is up to you to communicate the importance of these Degrees to your members.  Regardless of how long a member has held a membership card, he can not be counted as a true Hibernian without attainment of the Major Degrees.  Those who have not attained the Major Degrees should not be considered for election as Division President unless there is no alternative, and even then Virginia State By-Laws require that the Major Degrees by attained within one year of election.
                I wish you and your loved ones a most joyous and blessed Easter as we gather as devoted followers of Jesus Christ to contemplate His sacrifice and rejoice in His Glorious Resurrection.
In Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity,
Eugene J. Bransfield, Sr., KCHS
President, Virginia State Board
Ancient Order of Hibernians in America
“Living the Faith of Our Fathers”

State Directory July 2017


First Quarter 2017 report