The Cunningham Chronicles

The Cunningham Chronicles include very useful information on the activities of the Division. Our hope is to publish the Chronicles every quarter. We want to include news of the Division and our members.  Please forward information to us if you are taking any trips to Ireland, have any stories of personal Irish history to share, news of family events (births, deaths, marriages, special anniversaries, awards, etc.). We would like think of our Division and our brothers as a big Irish Catholic family, and we would like to share our family stories and news.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, stories, better jokes, prayer requests, etc., please send them on to Mike Hippchen ( or Bob Anderson (

Current Edition:


Past Editions:

Cunningham Chronicles-V16-2 June 2016:

The Cunningham Chronicles-V16-1

The Cunningham Chronicles-V15-3

The Cunningham Chronicles-V15-2

The Cunningham Chronicles-January 2015


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